ALBUM: Emmure – Eternal Enemies

Release Date: April 15th, 2014
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


Although still labouring under their status as something of a punchline in modern metal circles, the steady climb of New York breakdown specialists Emmure has seen them become forerunners of a scene which arguably includes much more deserving talent. This animosity toward them is clearly fuel for the engine behind their sixth full-length, telling entitled ‘Eternal Enemies’, the quintet sticking it to the detractors with their trademark brand of fearsome deathcore, albeit with a liberal dollop of nu-metal bounce, deviating little from its well worn blueprint and sat staunchly in familiar territory.

Indeed, served up here is another slab of vintage Emmure. Opener, ‘Bring A Gun To School’ (all question marks over its lyrical decency aside), sets the tone with its elephantine chug-a-lug guitars and rabble rousing sing alongs, and from here on out the likes of lead single ‘Nemesis’ and the bloodthirsty ‘A Gift A Curse’ deliver in spades the patented bile nourished smash-and-grab that we’ve come to expect.

There are some undeniably formidable turns of pace here; the black hearted hostility of ‘Rat King’ is a hard hitting highlight and some tortured atmospherics permeating ‘N.I.A (News In Arizona)’ add a dash of welcome variety. As it is, ‘Eternal Enemies’ is, in a nutshell, Emmure with all their spoken word strut, depth charge breakdowns and rap swagger fully intact as ever. Long-time devotees will surely lap this up; purists, best run for the hills.

Written by Tony Bliss