ALBUM: Emery – We Do What We Want

Release Date: March 29th, 2011
Label: Tooth & Nail Records


First things first, according to Emery themselves, they are NOT a Christian band. However, all the members are devout Christians and most of their songs are about God and Christianity. Glad that’s all been cleared up then. ‘We Do What We Want’ is the fifth studio album from Seattle quintet. However, during the recording process, founding bassist Devin Shelton took an indefinite hiatus from the band. Since Devin wrote most of their songs, the duty has been passed over to solely to frontman Toby Morrell, giving Emery a somewhat new and refreshing vibe.

‘We Do What We Want’ was supposed to be a stripped-down acoustic album, but Emery went in the other direction and made the heaviest album of their career. This has certainly worked to their advantage because you know when they next tour, there are going to be some pretty epic pits. There are, however, plans for an acoustic album later this year.

Listening to the album is like watching a fight between friends. It starts out with fast, heavy songs like ‘The Cheval Glass’, all full of energy and instantly grab your attention. But it’s the middle tracks of the album where they really shine. In keeping with the fighting analogy, ‘You Wanted It’ and ‘I’m Not Here For Rage, I’m Here For Revenge’ are the like the final punch before everyone settles down. With a heavy-as-hell intro and a mixture of primal screams and powerful vocals, it can easily win a place in anyone’s playlist.

After that, the style of the songs starts to settle down. They get slower, more mellow and melodic until they eventually turn into ballads. You can tell that the last four songs have received the most attention during the production process. All are performed to perfection and contain some of the more compelling lyrics. Take ‘Daddy’s Little Peach’, which is basically a middle-finger to all the preppie girls out there, and clearly a song for all the angst-ridden teenage boys to vent to.

‘We Do What We Want’ is a well produced album from a band that has progressed ten-fold over the last decade. It’s an album for everyone. It has the sing along anthems for the fan girls, and the heavy mosh songs for the guys who are just aching to start a pit. If you’re a fan of Breaking Benjamin, Seether or Anberlin, then Emery is definitely a band that you check out.

Written by Andy Roberts