ALBUM: Electric Six – Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!

Release Date: November 13th 2015
Label: Metropolis Records


Like a high fibre diet, Electric Six are churning out shit on a regular basis. Almost every October, it’s a new album, and every December they tour the university towns of Europe. This pattern just screams a contractual obligation to a record label, and that’s exactly what the last few albums have felt like; an obligation. So, here’s album number eleven (that’s right, eleven), aptly titled ‘Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!’, most likely because, if Metropolis Records were to drop Electric Six, they would most likely starve to death.

Funnily enough though, this album actually feels like Electric Six are trying to make music as opposed to just slapping together a dozen or so coherent tunes. There are actually some catchy hooks present here, some infectious guitar work, and even the odd decent song. Album opener ‘Drone Strikes’ feels like it should accompany a montage for a heist movie, with its groovy snaking riffs and relentless drumming. Well, at least it does until the vocals come in.

Clearly, Electric Six are channelling rock gods Aerosmith in the infectious ‘Two Dollar Two’, which is easily the best song of the album, and there are also one or two decent tracks with the likes of the synthy ‘Kids Are Evil’, and the classic Electric Six jam ‘When Cowboys File For Divorce’.

However, this album is far from a saving grace. While Electric Six are clearly competent musicians who make music to a consistent standard, ‘Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!’ rarely gets any better than just background noise. The vast majority of the album just feels like forced filler tracks, and the lyrics are still just awful.

Though ‘Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!’ is no way near the lofty heights of their debut ‘Fire’ and will almost fall by the wayside like the past four or so releases, it’s easy to see some of these songs being played live and staying in their setlists for years to come. Apart from one or two tracks worth checking out, this is an album for die-hard Electric Six fans only.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)

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