ALBUM: Elder Brother – Heavy Head

Release Date: March 10th, 2014
Label: Pure Noise Records


Despite being at opposites sides of one of the world’s largest countries, guitarists Kevin Geyer of The Story So Far and Dan Rose of Daybreaker have paired up to form a delightful side-project: Elder Brother. The duo create music that’s more similar to that of Daybreaker than The Story So Far, though it’s just as pleasing to listen to. Their music maybe somewhat simple, but they’ve still produced a fine collection of first-rate songs.

From the gentle strums of ‘Pennsylvania’ all the way through to the mellow tones of ‘Sunday Mornings’, ‘Heavy Head’ is 11 expertly crafted, outstanding tracks of pleasing soft rock. Every song consists of beautiful vocals, both rough and soft, accompanied by laid back riffs with the odd vibrant solo thrown in here or there to keep you on your toes.

The only real issue is with the track, ‘A Slow, Comfortable Deep Breath’. This dark, minor-chord soaked instrumental hinders the flow of the album and quite frankly just doesn’t belong. Other than that, the album is damn near flawless.

As amazing and promising as this album is, bear in mind, it’s still a side-project and, like nearly all side projects that have ever existed, it will sadly be short lived. +44, Scars On Broadway, Dead By Sunrise; all of these are truly amazing side-project bands that have sadly only released one album a piece before disbanding and returning to their original acts. So, any opportunity that you get to see Elder Brother, you had better seize it before they fall fowl of the side-project curse.

‘Heavy Head’ is a wonderful album, full of soothing catchy tracks that are the perfect accompaniment to a cool summer’s eve wander. Brimming with powerful ballads like ‘Any Sort Of Plan’ and title-track ‘Heavy Head’, as well as soft rock anthems like ‘In My Bones’, this is a record that can be enjoyed by all.

Written by Andy Roberts