ALBUM: Eatmewhileimhot! – Mushroom

Release Date: March 6th, 2012
Label: Loveway Records
Website: None available
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To be totally honest, it’s difficult not to make some snap judgements when delving into material from a band entitled Eatmewhileimhot!. It doesn’t really help that the album title, ‘Mushroom’, is almost equally as ludicrous. Yet, although to say I was somewhat surprised by the rather unconventional metal stylings that I was met with would be fair, there unfortunately remains some regrettable pitfalls here which I’m afraid to say were wholly expected.

Things begin well, with the one-two punch of opener ‘Damn Straight’ and follower ‘Anti-Venom’ marrying quirky, snaking lead lines and some hulking grooves to great effect, the former song impressing with a fantastic southern rock flavoured breakdown and a danceable yet crushing rhythmic attack .

Indeed, it’s when EMWIH! settle into these colossally infectious riffs where they truly show their worth. The Cancer Bats-esque beginning to album highlight ‘The Gates Of Hell’ is undeniably a fun listen, as the guitar work totters to and fro with a real attitude fueled swagger, and there are even certain parts of ‘Vultures’ which sound as though they could have been lifted straight from an Every Time I Die album.

Although, littered throughout the albums ten tracks, the presence of a few questionably lazy numbers tends to drag ‘Mushroom’ down somewhat. Songs such as ‘Judgement’ seem to amount to nothing more than exercises in monotonous chugging, quickly becoming tedious and sapping all the energy so effectively generated elsewhere. The title-track, whilst being perhaps the most distinct inclusion here with its mid tempo approach and reliance on nonchalantly crooned melodies, suffers from an utterly dull structure and lack of direction, and it really becomes a shame that these unimaginative, and frankly lacklustre, songs were seemingly shoehorned into what could have been a rather satisfying release.

Yet, ‘Mushroom’ without doubt hits more than it misses. Belying their name with a surprisingly large measure of maturity here, the band portray, thankfully, enough exciting ideas and enjoyable tunes to just about rescind for the handful of tracks which simply should not have made the cut. There is certainly work to be done, but Eatmewhileimhot! look to have laid the foundation with unexpected handiness.

Written by Tony Bliss