ALBUM: DZ Deathrays – Bloodstreams

Release Date: May 7th, 2012
Label: Hassle Records
Website: None available


‘Bloodstreams’ is DZ Deathrays‘ debut album, and was recorded in Queensland, Australia in less than two weeks. At 12 tracks in length, that’s around one song recorded and perfected per day on average. The incredibly short recording time, however, doesn’t reflect on the sheer quality and brutality that this album showcases.

DZ Deathrays begin ‘Bloodstreams’ with the aptly titled ‘Intro’, a bass-less, guitar-pedal heavy instrumental affair which gently eases you in to ‘Teenage Kickstarts’, a track which is just begging to be played live in order to entice carnage in even the most sparsely populated of venues.

Originally formed as a house party band, the duo from down under have developed this simple formula in order to bring the most experimental, beat-heavy, chaotic brand of rock that they could imagine. ‘Play Dead Until You’re Dead’ is the perfect example of this, soaring through a culmination of riffs and bass drops with catchy hooks and scratchy, raw vocals.

Having mentioned this, ‘Bloodstreams’ has much more depth and variety than a ‘party’ album. For example, ‘Dollar Chills’ has multi-tracked, melodic vocals and is a sensual, moody experience driven by various effects; diversity at its very finest.

‘Bloodstreams’ is a frantic affair, with the pace being somewhat consistent throughout until things are slowed down for ‘Play Dead’. The effect that this change of tempo has is astounding; the venomous lyrics really shine through here. Closing track ‘Trans AM’ is a very mellow affair, occasionally interspersed with odd, intense sounds and coming to a very abrupt end; nothing is expected or anticipated with DZ Deathrays.

DZ Deathrays have successfully captured the optimum mixture of dance-punk and experimental electronic rock in one album to bring you ‘Bloodstreams’. Whilst the album is thoroughly enjoyable, it’s blindingly obvious that these tracks were carefully constructed to absolutely smash venues to pieces when translated to a live setting. Keep your senses on high alert and your defences high, DZ Deathrays are on the assault and they’re taking no prisoners.

Written by Cheri Faulkner