ALBUM: Don Broco – Priorities

Release Date: August 13th, 2012
Label: Search And Destroy Records


Like many others out there, I have been waiting oh so long to get my hands on more Don Broco tracks. I’ve seen them live a few times recently and they have been playing a few sneak peeks from their debut album (mainly ‘Priorities’ and ‘Fancy Dress’). As much as they love playing their songs from last year’s ‘Big Fat Smile’ EP, you can tell that these guys are just itching to play their new stuff, and who can blame them?

From the very first opening riff of title-track, ‘Priorities’ you will be hooked. ‘Hold On’ and ‘Whole Truth’ are peppered with danceable disco vibes that will have your feet moving. ‘Yeah Man’ and ‘In My World’ have the laid feel of a Sunday morning and ‘You Got It Girl’ has just the right tone for those late night drives.

‘Priorities’ has the perfect balance between fast, slow, soft and hard and there’s not one track that doesn’t belong, with each one as entertaining and well written as the last.

Lead singer Rob Damiani has an amazing singing voice and the cool thing is that it’s just as good live too. In fact, the whole band excel in the live environment and are building quite a reputation for themselves. Take ‘Fancy Dress’, I’m listening to it now and I can imagine a vicious circle pit underway during the powerful and fast paced chorus. Although, comparing this with their earlier work (ie. ‘Thug Workout’), ‘Priorities’ is far more danceable and upbeat. Given that they break out their own signature dance moves onstage (such as ‘The Walk’), I’m getting the sense that they want the crowd to dance more rather than kill each other in a pit.

Sure, I may sound biased, but I really don’t care. Considering the sheer level of effort and commitment that these guys have put into both touring and fine tuning their sound, they deserve nothing but praise. Even if you take that aspect out of things and just focus on the album, you will still be blown away by how incredible it is.

‘Priorities’ is a true testament to British music. There’s not a single fault I can think of with this album and that’s not me being a hopeless fan boy, my girlfriend thinks the same and she’s not really into this kind of music. So, there you have it, not only is this an outstanding album and a bloody good listen but it’s transcending genres also. God damn it Don Broco, you have really outdone yourself here. Kudos.

Written by Andrew Roberts