ALBUM: Despite My Deepest Fear – Dimensions

Release Date: July 18th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Tonight Matthew, I’m going to be an overly generic metalcore 5-piece with pretty boy good looks and not so much as a killer hook between them. Well, for anyone (and forgivably that will be most of you) that is unfamiliar with London’s Despite My Deepest Fear, that is them to a tee. Whilst within the local scene comparisons have been drawn between them and Asking Alexandria, DMDF largely blows those comparisons out of the water.

Whilst their style of chugging metalcore that blends together growled and screamed vocals with clean vocals is vaguely reminiscent of Asking Alexandria, there’s not much else that is similar, as for the most part DMDF display large amounts of competent musicianship that relies mostly on the band’s skill as opposed to studio techniques to achieve their desired sound. This does however have its downfalls, as lead singer Ryan Endacott‘s cleanly sung vocals have a tendency to let him down causing a song to fall flat in the chorus as opposed to making it soar as is the intention. However, in the chorus of the ridiculously titled ‘Nut Up Or Shut Up’, they do give the desired effect which as a result makes it one of the best songs on this overall medicore album.

The problem is not that they are bad musicians, as songs like ‘Tonight Matthew I’m Going To Be…’ and ‘Reborn’ see drummer Dan Kerr pounding out some furious drums sections, coupled with relentless double bass as an accompaniment to the not so delicate riffs that are being churned out around him. The problem is in fact that very song sounds largely the same as the one before it. This isn’t really a problem all the time when you have songs that are as brutal as ‘Five Man Wolf Pack’ or as ferocious as ‘Chaperone’.

‘Dimensions’ isn’t a bad album, but it is simply too one dimensional for it to be particularly memorable. When the band get it right they’re a force to be reckoned with, and half the time this is the case, however, the other half of the time they’re nothing more than middle of the road metalcore. This album will surely act as a mere benchmark for the band, which they should aim to better in the near future.

Written by Oliver Thompson