ALBUM: Deez Nuts – Word Is Bond

Release Date: April 27th 2015
Label: Century Media Records


With ‘hardcore’ being such a fractured and somewhat abused term in a modern scene teeming with sub-genres, the merits of an outfit planting their feet firmly in the old school and remaining true to the notion of angry men going for the jugular has never been more valuable. The laughable strain of macho posturing that Aussie knuckle draggers Deez Nuts reveled in with 2013’s ‘Bout It’ is something we can unquestionably do without however, and it’s with a short step towards maturity that ‘Word Is Bond’ represents their strongest work to date.

Welcomely side stepping (for the most part) their tired ideals of ‘getting fucked up’ and the rather unfunny masculine schtick, this is a record which benefits from a steely focus on street-tough hardcore chest beating. Revolving around a classic clatter and stomp highly reminiscent of NYC legends Biohazard and Agnostic Front, there’s a legitimate impact to these songs, a genuine whiff of bona fide aggressive memorability, undoubtedly stemming from a simple decision to cut away the juvenile nonsense.

It is with this approach that the likes of ‘Chess Boxin” and ‘Behind Bars’ deliver big slabs of belligerent barrel chested clout which, although sticking to a predictably rigid blueprint, are largely enjoyable examples of no frills, muscular hardcore. It’s far from perfect, yet this authenticity reveals how Deez Nuts can be much more than throw away club swingers.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)

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