ALBUM: Deez Nuts – Bout It

Release Date: April 1st, 2013
Label: Century Media Records
Website: None available


Upon a single brief listen of ‘Bout It’, it’s difficult not to quickly understand the schtick. With the order of the day a healthy balance of ‘getting fucked up’, brothers in arms gang vocals and a tired hardcore bounce, the band continue to barrel down their own well trodden path of faux delinquency and tough guy arrogance which unfortunately hasn’t gotten any less stale since 2010’s ‘This One’s For You’.

Chock full of some unforgivably bog standard musicality (punk beat followed by breakdown ad nausem) and irksome posturing throughout, it’s difficult to pluck many redeeming features from ‘Bout It’‘s thirty minute running time. The lyrical content ranges from laughable macho fallacies to some rather deplorable, no doubt meant as humorous, sexist remarks, starting out as grating and only worsening from there. ‘Brothers In Arms’ (featuring Sam Carter of Architects) hints at variation before sliding rapidly into a comical union of shouty nonsense, and ‘Shot After Shot’ celebrates having both “Cocaine pouring out my pores” and “Liquor out my dick”. Profound.

Of course, when going into a Deez Nuts record, none of us are expecting any Rush-esque progressive explorations, yet even with that being said the loudmouth camaraderie and constantly conceited bluster here is wholly stretched beyond any limited appeal. Ultimately, save for its juvenile showboating and tepid instrumentation, there’s very little ’bout ‘Bout It’ that’s worth your time.

Written by Tony Bliss