ALBUM: Ded – mis•an•thrope

Release Date: July 21st 2017
Label: Suretone Records
Website: None available


If you were to say “Hey, anybody know any good nu-metal bands?” in 2017, this would be followed by one of two responses; the first being complete silence, and the second would be accompanied by a bit of ridicule, and in most cases with good reason. Though a recent revival of the genre has seen some fresh spins on the dated genre, Ded‘s debut full-length ‘mis•an•thrope’ just doesn’t cut the mustard.

‘mis•an•thrope’ has much more in common with the more modern metal scene as opposed to the 00s nu-metal boom, which bands such as Korn, Limp Bizkit and even Papa Roach used to proudly fly the flag for. Ded‘s splicing of modern metalcore elements into the mix, much in the same vein of acts like Sylar, certainly shows the band are taking to take something from the past and make it more relevant to today, but the paint-by-numbers sound is just overly vanilla.

Lyrically, this record is deep within the realms of teen angst. ‘FMFY’ is particularly cringey; “Fuck me, and fuck you too / The world should start over new” in 2017 is embarrassing and quite literally has the opposite of the edgy aim. If Ded have a fanbase of anyone over the age of sixteen, the lyrics are just not going to hold any appeal, and will get stale relatively quickly.

With ‘mis•an•thrope’, Ded are trying and failing to revive all of the worst and dated aspects of nu-metal. Very few bands reeling from the success of the genre’s boom almost two decades ago have managed to drag themselves into relevance in 2017, and DED certainly don’t seem to be able to salvage it from its wreckage anytime soon.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)