ALBUM: Death Remains – Destroy / Rebuild

Release Date: April 28th 2017
Label: Transcend Music
Website: None available


There are many people out there who have often criticised and have said the dying prayers of metalcore, whether that be with the over saturation of the genre, or with every band following the same structure and template. There are a few worthwhile picks in the ever expanding sea of bands, though, and Death Remains prove to be one of them with their sophomore LP, ‘Destroy / Rebuild’.

Opener ‘Destroy’ sounds like a less technical version of something that you’d hear on a Periphery record with the djent-y riffs as well as a faint reminiscence to Spencer Sotelo from Barry O’Connor‘s vocal work. There are some hints of clean vocals used on this album too, however, they sound more mature and don’t succumb to the pitfall of whiny like a lot of bands in the genre today.

Returning to the instrumentals and musicianship, there’s more technicality at certain points than the average metalcore release, ensuring that things don’t get stale too quickly, which is a definite improvement from the sometimes sluggish nature of their debut, ‘Stand.Fight.Believe.’. There’s still a bit too much indulgence with the breakdowns, which can get fatiguing.

The lyrical themes touch on not letting things bring you down and the hardships in life on the aptly named track ‘Hardships’. In today’s current climate, it’s always great to see a positive turn on any of life’s challenges, and is something that can be held onto by anyone who needs it.

All in all, Death Remains are a shining example of a band helping to keep metalcore alive. If these lads keep at it, they’ll soon have a platform to show the rest of the music world that metalcore is still very much alive.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)