ALBUM: Dead Sons – The Hollers & The Hymns

Release Date: February 18th, 2013
Label: Bereyt Records


Emanating from indie band Milburn and having a sound which at times channels Arctic Monkeys and other Sheffield bands of that ilk, Dead Sons are an exciting prospect. Their debut full-length, ‘The Hollers & The Hymns’, is a worthy introduction to a band who could seriously be the next big thing in the UK indie rock scene.

The first thoughts you have after listening to this record is that it isn’t a typical indie release, there’s all sorts of stuff being channelled by this band. Just hearing ‘Bangonfullturn’ provides an insight, with its style being almost Queens Of The Stone Age-esque. Or the slow tempo approach that comes with ‘Temptation Pool’; a song that feels like it’s come from the mind of Nick Cave, with the genuinely sinister undertones that the song possesses.

Some of the songs are unconventional, after hearing the opening track people may switch off instantly as there’s an upfront approach that the band takes, and it can be either alienating or totally enjoyable. Basically, it’s an album that isn’t begging for you to like it, which is a great thing in this day and age.

At times the record can feel a little stale, that’s mainly due to the vocals being quite samey on every track, but it’s only a small niggle considering the album has so much going for it. It holds a real vibrancy, which is something many indie bands lack nowadays. There’s a feeling of quality with practically every song. Yeah, there are some tracks that don’t quite live up to the rest of the album, but it doesn’t matter because of how inventive the band are.

Overall, ‘The Hollers & The Hymns’ is a really great opening gambit from a band that is relatively unknown. There’s so much to get your teeth into here and even though a fair few of the songs are growers and take a few listens, it really is a worthwhile album to get excited about.

Written by Greg Spencer