ALBUM: Dead By April – Let The World Know

Release Date: February 12th, 2014
Label: Universal Music


Dead By April are a band that are very difficult to define. Hailing from Gothenburg in Sweden, by all means you’d expect them to be sucking at the teets of At The Gates like every other Gothenburg export, but for some reason they take more of a leaning towards the Top 40 and regular pop tunes. Their Gothenburg roots are not lost though, Dead By April are very much like In Flames attempting to play Justin Bieber songs.

‘Let The World Know’ is band’s third full-length, and the first with new member Christoffer Andersson, replacing original harsh vocalist, Jimmie Strimell (you’re forgiven for not noticing). It continues with the slow decline of the band since their barnstorming self-titled debut was released back in 2009. ‘Let The World Know’ replaces the wandering guitars of the debut with monotonous monotone chugging, like so many tech metal rip-offs. Still in plentiful supply, however, are the sweeping vocal melodies that characterise the poppier side of Dead By April.

It takes a while to get used to the fact that the guitars are constantly failing to start in ‘Let The World Know’, but once that fact is accepted it’s easier to focus on the actual melodic parts. ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ holds excellent replay value, and features the infamous calming atmosphere that clean vocalist Zandro Santiago brings to the table. Sure, the entire album is cliche as fuck with songs like ‘Done With Broken Hearts’ and ‘Cause I Need You’, but it’s also easy to get into and a solid option for any moment that requires musical accompaniment.

Dead By April are imploding rather than gaining popularity, but it’s at a pace much slower than your average metalcore exploit. At this rate, they’ve still got a good five years until it’ll be time to stop bothering the poor people who run the Swedish version of Top Of The Pops.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)