ALBUM: Dead By April – Incomparable

Release Date: November 7th, 2011
Label: Spinefarm Records


The first time I listened to Dead By April was when they were supporting Skindred way back when. I decided to check them out before I saw them, so I looked them up on YouTube. As I listened to ‘Trapped’ I was like “Sweet mother of God, these guys are amazing. Why aren’t they bigger?”. As I listened to other songs, I was still taken back by each and every song and just how good they were. But, then it suddenly dawned on me, that all their songs are essentially the same.

When I heard they were releasing a new album, I was very excited. I thought that now they have established their sound, they will have a lot build on for this album. Once I had listened to it, I was both right and wrong. Yes, they had progressed from the first album and created better and more developed songs. But, I was wrong in the sense that nearly every song sounds the same on this album too.

It seems that nearly every song on this album follows what I like to call the ‘Dead By April formula’: synth intro leading into heavy verse + clean vocal catchy chorus + OTT heavy breakdown = song

And unfortunately, this album seems to be a collection of slightly different variations of one song. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a bloody good album, and some songs like the title track ‘Incomparable’ and ‘Lost’ are pretty damn epic. Plus, the occasional use of auto-tuned vocals (when it is clearly not needed) just pisses me right off.

As with any formula, there are one or two exceptions. ‘More Than Yesterday’ is a heavy-as-hell anthem that hits you in the face like a sledge hammer. Then there’s ‘Crossroads’, a soft gentle rock song that lacks in screaming and gives a bit of a refreshing breather from the rest of the album.

So to summarise, this album is just essential song tweaked here and there to make them sound different. But, all the songs are really good songs and transfer to a live environment so well. ‘Incomparable’ is the perfect follow-up to their debut self-titled album and just a really good album overall. These guys are on tour in December, and I cannot urge you enough to go see them. I have seen them twice before, and each time they have killed.

Written by Andy Roberts