ALBUM: Dayseeker – Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising

Release Date: July 14th 2017
Label: Spinefarm Records


In the last five years or so, there’s been an overwhelming amount of copy and paste metalcore bands doing the same thing over and over with each progressing album, and sadly, California’s Dayseeker are one that follow this trend almost systematically.

Their third full-length effort, ‘Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising’, has very few aspects to it that are remotely interesting, and this is all attributed to the fact that the record is stacked with bland instrumentation, monotonous screams that really grate after a while, and nasal, irritating cleans that lack any identity from the flood of contemporaries.

They’re not necessarily generic, but Dayseeker do need to vastly improve with their follow-up album if they don’t want to be left behind.

With ‘Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising’ they might well have written an album here that, given the time, would be found to hold some deep an insightful content and construct in its depths. However, with a surface as murky and uninspiring as this, not only does it seem doubtful, but the chore of scratching through to any potential gold just doesn’t seem worth it.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)