ALBUM: Dave McPherson – Dreamoirs

Release Date: June 3rd, 2013
Label: Graphite Records


Cast your mind back to last December, when there was major controversy over JLS being awarded MOBO‘s Britain’s Hardest Working Band for the second time running. They earned this title by performing a whopping 34 gigs in a year. A lot of genuinely hard working bands kicked up a stink over this, and quite rightly so, as these pretty boys barely qualify to be a band and couldn’t be further from ‘hardest working band’. Now, I nearly vomited when I read this, but MOBO also awarded Nikki Minaj with Best International Act, so I think we can assume that MOBO‘s panel of judges are deaf-blind, lobotomised orangutans.

The reason I am telling you this is because Dave McPherson is hands down the most hard working artist out there today. In 2012, not only did he play over 200 shows, both solo and with his band InMe, but he also released two studio albums with InMe (‘The Pride’ and ‘Medusa’) and three solo EPs.

If that’s not proof enough, in 2013, whilst writing and recording his sophomore album, ‘Dreamoirs’, this relentless artist has only gone and started the ‘Good People Movement: 365’, which means he’ll be writing a brand new song every single day of the year. Needless to say, this guy is nothing short of a machine.

Funded through KickStarter, ‘Dreamoirs’ proves to be a massive hit with the fans, as everyone who pledges gets their own personal thing out of it all. Not only that, but the concept behind ‘Dreamoirs’ in a real winner too. Inspired by his dreams, Dave has created 10 wonderful songs that are not only beautifully crafted but are also quite diverse. Rather than sticking to his default one-man-and-his-guitar sound, Dave has given each song a full instrumental arrangement with many layers and players.

As a result, ‘Dreamoirs’ sounds like the softer side of InMe, only more personal and poetic and given InMe‘s outstanding lyrics, you know this means ‘Dreamoirs’ is really something special.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Dreamoirs’ is spectacular. From the very second Dave‘s angelic and emotive voice rings out on album opener ‘Snowball’, you’ll be transported away from all your worries and anxieties for 45 blissful minutes. Musically speaking, this album is a huge step up from his debut ‘The Hardship Diaries’, which was somewhat bare with just his guitar and GarageBand scores. ‘Dreamoirs’ is proof that Dave McPherson is an inexhaustible fountain of talent, passion and creativity and is his best solo work to date.

Written by Andy Roberts