ALBUM: Danny Worsnop – The Long Road Home

Release Date: February 17th 2017
Label: Earache Records


Danny Worsnop has released a country solo album. Yes, Danny Worsnop currently/previously (delete as applicable) of Asking Alexandria. The Yorkshire vocalist has found a new home in Nashville and is fulfilling his unexpected dream of becoming a country singer/songwriter with songs about all kinds of liquor on his solo debut, ‘The Long Road Home’, which is surprisingly catchy and fun, but completely unrelatable and alienating for the British rock crowd that have seen him in his previous adventures.

Worsnop‘s vocal talent has always been commended as he hit the metalcore harsh and clean vocals on the three Asking Alexandria records he fronted, along with the We Are Harlot album which had a completely different 80s power rock vibe going on. Living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle made Worsnop a great character of the scene, so this chilled and drastic cowboy hat twist has come as quite the shock to the status quo.

It doesn’t make much sense from our untrained knowledge of the singer’s private life, and we can only assume that this is a passion of his, but it kinda works in a way. Maybe tracks about driving around the North American landscape like ‘Mexico’ don’t have much scope with the UK audience, but the booze swiggin’ ‘Don’t Overdrink It’ and ‘I Feel Like Shit’ are lace up your boots fun, and you can feel the joy in Worsnop‘s voice.

The vocalist has never been one to do or care what anyone thought, and a solo project gives him the best platform for his personal output. Despite his return to Asking Alexandria, Danny Worsnop continues to promote and prioritise his own record and believe in his own direction.

‘The Long Road Home’ is a bit of fun that’ll keep you interested throughout, but surely his renewed alliance with his metalcore with brethren will ignite his interest in the heavier world, and Asking Alexandria will brush the last 12 months or so under the carpet and get back to where they left off after ‘From Death To Destiny’.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)