ALBUM: Danko Jones – Fire Music

Release Date: February 9th 2015
Label: Bad Taste Records


Toronto’s Danko Jones are back with their seventh studio album, ‘Fire Music’. These Canadian rockers have been around for near on two decades, and are still churning out snappy head banging tunes. This punky brisk 11 track album has a relentless pace to it, with many certain festival bangers in there.

With the frantic pace from the offset and certain shades of Metallica hidden under the surface within the guitar work, but the similarities end there. Danko Jones definitely have their own brand of music, with a number top songs laced throughout this album. Opening track, ‘Wild Woman’, drags the listener into this album kicking and screaming and, from there, there’s no escaping. With a great foot tapping beat and penetrative vocals, the track has a winning combination.

Following this up is the thoroughly intense number ‘The Twisting Knife’, which backs up the offerings of ‘Wild Woman’ by locking the listener in for good. From there, the album spirals into pure acceptable mania!

The vocalist, who is a namesake for the band, has a beautifully rasping voice which towers across every tune with great authority, whilst his guitar work accompanies it all superbly. Let’s not forget about the other two, though, as every track has been put together well with each instrument adding to the success.

As each song flies by, you see yourself deeply immersed by the musically lyrical madness. The variety that Danko Jones give to the current music market is very welcoming. Like a cold beer on a hot day, ‘Fire Music’ is a truly unavoidable record that needs to be taken in and cherished.

Written by Tom Griffiths