ALBUM: Crown The Empire – The Fallout

Release Date: November 19th, 2012
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


Metal electonica is a bizarre genre with its metal riffs and club land synths it sounds, in theory, like it should be the most glorious spliced-together genre the world has ever seen. The harsh reality is that it’s extremely hard to pull off well. However, ever since Enter Shikari, the reigning lords of the genre, brought it to the masses, there has been an explosion of bands trying their hand at this Frankenstein monster of music.

Some might say that the genre has had its heyday back in the early 00s, but Dallas six-piece Crown The Empire are here with their debut full-length ‘The Fallout’ to try and make music that people can smash each other up to one minute and rave the next.

Something that Crown The Empire have done pretty well here is mix some excellent genres, hardcore and electronica, to a pretty awful one, which is pop. The album pounds through its eleven tracks before breaking into some of the most outrageous power pop around. Think Fall Out Boy meets Asking Alexandria. Now, this might sound horrendous to some people, but a lot like their genre sharing counterparts, it’s difficult not to like the formula the band have come up with. Most people have guilty pleasures in music, and it seems Crown The Empire have found all of them and thrown them together.

The album starts with ‘The Fallout’; a very theatrical opener, maybe too theatrical and almost comedic, however, it seems this is the band’s trademark angle. Almost every song includes an uplifting synth outburst and soaring vocals from Andy Leo before David Escamilla drops in with his savage roars to back the whole package up.

For people with a harder taste in music, ‘Makeshift Chemistry’ and ‘Menace’ are the hardest tracks on offer, and ‘Johnny’s Revenge’ is certainly the strangest. However, as ‘soft’ as the other tracks are they don’t stay that way for long. The constant switching of genres will probably cause a lot of people to tune out. But, if you’re more open to experimentation, it’s a solid record that radiates energy and charisma.

There’s no denying that Crown The Empire are very good at what they have chosen to do. Their soaring riffs, pounding breakdowns and angelic pop is a combination that makes you hate yourself for liking it so much. It’s most certainly power pop of epic proportions.

Written by Steven Potter