ALBUM: Crazy Arm – Union City Breath

Release Date: October 10th, 2011
Label: Xtra Mile Recordings
Website: None available


Plymouth punk rockers Crazy Arm are on the loose once again, and this time they are touring Europe with the almighty Against Me! and promoting their latest album, ‘Union City Breath’. So, after a brief read on their profile, I have discovered that “all four members are atheist, internationalist, vegetarian/vegan and support human/animal rights struggles worldwide” and that they “consider these things important to mention even if you don’t”. Well, that certainly put me in my place.

Now I don’t take too kindly to people ramming their views down my very ignorant throat, but I don’t mind so much if they do to a decent tune, after all, my favourite band is System Of A Down. So I’m listening to album opener ‘Of The Tarantulas’; ho-lee fuck I was just blown away. From the second the palm-muted, fast passed riff kicked in I forgot about all the politics and just listened to what they had to say/sing.

A rather punk dense album, it’s refreshing to have the odd softer song like ‘Tribes’ and ‘Little Boats’. They may be a tad preachy, but they will grow on you, especially the former of the two aforementioned tracks (it has a phenomenal breakdown). But, it’s the punk heavy songs that grab you by the throat and force you to listen to what they have to say. The thing is, they are just that good I don’t mind being shouted at. This album has opened my mind to a lot of issues (all of which are covered in detail on their Facebook page). Take a listen to ‘The Right Wing Never Sleep’ and ‘200 Pints Of Blood’ and you’ll soon see just what I mean.

Listening to the album, I keep picturing the band performing it live. If it’s anything like it is in my head, these guys are going to be huge. Assuming they manage to capture the energy/anger/hate that they had fuelling this album then they would put on one spectacular performance. Considering I’m an ignorant person who doesn’t care about politics and issues, this album actually managed to get through to me, and that’s got to say something, right?

Crazy Arm have a lot of potential, and I mean a lot. They could well be Britain’s answer to Rise Against. Sounding like a younger and more energetic version of Bad Religion, I’m surprised they aren’t on the main stage of festivals yet. Here’s hoping that their tour with Against Me! will recruit some new fans and spread the word of just how mucking epic this band are.

Written by Andy Roberts