ALBUM: Continents – Idle Hands

Release Date: January 22nd, 2013
Label: Victory Records


Continents are a band that a lot of people have been excited about. From their self-titled and ‘Trials’ EP releases, they have been a band making a huge impact on the UK scene. A big surprise last year was when they announced they had signed to huge American label, Victory Records.

It’s now apparent why they have been signed by such a big label with debut album, ‘Idle Hands’. They have crafted an album full of huge well crafted tracks, all as a result easily sealing itself as one of the best debuts of 2013 thus far.

As a unit, the band play excellently off of one another. Drummer Duncan “Ken” Hamill and bassist Dom Turner provide a solid rhythm and the forceful edge underneath guitarists Darryl Sweet and Tom Weaver‘s melodic and heavy guitar lines. Lead vocalist Phil Cross‘ snarling vocals add the brutal edge, particularly evident on tracks ‘Pegasus, Pegasus’ and ‘Idle Hands’. He effortlessly adds the extra brutality and power to Continents‘ sound.

With track ‘Pegasus, Pegasus’ (this being the album highlight); Continents brought back guest vocalist Paul Williams of Desolated to feature (who also appeared on the original version featured on the band’s ‘Trials’ EP), which develops the song’s sound into huge, brutal and heavy territories, loaded with riffs and full of breakdowns. Everything that you’d expect from the South Wales based quintet.

Key tracks include the previously mentioned ‘Pegasus, Pegasus’ and lead single, ‘Idle Hands’, which is Continents at their best; coming with all of the aforementioned features in both these tracks. Further key highlights come in the form of ‘Truth And Lies’ and ‘Lion’s Den’, carrying impossibly heavy breakdowns in both songs.

Fans of The Ghost Inside, Emmure and Counterparts will love this album, but it’s genuinely an album that if you love brutal heavy music, especially hardcore, you should listen. Continents are going to be massive in years to come, and this is a stunning continuation of their rise. A stunning debut album.

Written by Kieron Chastney