ALBUM: Columbus – Spring Forever

Release Date: August 26th 2016
Label: UNFD


When you first start getting into a genre, take pop-punk for example, you have your staple, mega, platinum-selling albums that initially grab your attention – albums such as Blink-182‘s ‘Enema Of The State’, Sum 41‘s ‘All Killer No Filler’ and Green Day‘s ‘Dookie’.

Then, once you ‘ve scraped the top soil, you can start to fine-tune your tastes – this is when you start to discover the smaller but still sizeable acts like State Champs, Yellowcard or Goldfinger. It’s at this point you start to find the up and coming bands, like Patent Pending or Modern Baseball, that you just know are going to be massive – Columbus are one of those bands:

With vocals undeniably moulded from years of listening to Mark Hoppus and an affinity towards punk over pop, this Aussie trio have created an infectious sound that is easily a cut above the genre standard. ‘Spring Forever’ is their debut album and what an album it is. Laced with emo-esque lyrics about teen-angst, and the various subjects that go along with that, the album manages to steer well clear of pandering to their demographic and instead boasts nothing but genuinely bloody good music.

Now to say Columbus’ music is simple may appear as a blight on an otherwise spotless record but ‘Spring Forever’s simplicity is actually its strongest asset. You see, when everyone is trying to be the next La Dispute, regaling tales of torment and woe while tearing their throat to pieces, it is so refreshing to have a band write some genuine, honest music with no hyperbole present but instead relatable, uncomplicated songs. Columbus have just written music for themselves, what they’ve gone through and it’s what makes this album so fucking wonderful.

So if you’re into the more emo side of pop-punk, or just fancy a dollop of some bloody great rock music, be sure to give Columbus a listen.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)