ALBUM: Close To Home – Never Back Down

Release Date: February 15th, 2011
Label: Razor & Tie
Website: None available


I feel some bands miss the point of ‘style’, especially when it comes to doing something that’s gone before. Yes, it’s fine to work within specific style, not all bands have be genre defying. Being a genre defining band simply means you’re executed a certain sound well. This however becomes a problem when the certain sound you’re trying execute perfectly has already been done in the exact same fashion by a different band. This is where the point has been missed.

This leads neatly into Close To Home, who for the first three tracks of their album (if we exclude the intro as a track), ‘Never Back Down’ feel like direct copies of songs by A Day To Remember. Technically there’s not really any bad tracks on the record, however when the first thing that comes to mind is not only a specific band but specific songs by one band, it’s never good. The match up to ‘Day Of Our Lives’ is ‘The Downfall Of Us All’; positive sounding like pop-punk but with metalcore style break down and chug, ‘Change The Ways’ pairs with ‘My Life For Hire’ in the tone suddenly changes to a darker and serious tone to the song, and ‘All We Know’ is ‘2nd Sucks’, simply the metalcore breakdown for a song with lots of shouting and angry lyrics.

The rest of the album has pretty much the same vibe to it. Whilst not many of the other songs feel quite as ripped off and replicated as the opening few, you do get the impression that every member of the band have listened to A Day To Remember so many times their first five or six copies of each of their albums have worn out from overplay.

None of the songs on this album are bad as such, but it’s just painful to hear what is essentially an A Day To Remember album done to a mediocre standard in comparison by a different band. They’ve not really brought anything new to the table, well, there’s a token gesture at some added synths, but this just feels like a cop out as a way of doing something different as so many bands right now are doing the exact same thing to change an already existing sound. Overall they’ve got some talent there, it’s just none of it was used to write original music. Maybe next time.

Written by Joni Andrews