ALBUM: CKY – The Phoenix

Release Date: June 16th 2017
Label: Entertainment One
Website: None available


Grab your flare jeans and flip phone, because it’s time to don your nostalgia goggles as we peer back to the pre-financially fucked era of the early 00s where skateboarding dominated the lime-light, being a Jackass was not only fine but actively encouraged, and Big Brother could still claim it was a “social experiment”.

Yes, CKY (who will forever be known as to most as Bam Margera‘s brother’s band) are back with album number five and their first in eight years, ‘The Phoenix’.

While the line-up is notably lacking long-time frontman Deron Miller, who left back in 2011, this is impressively not reflected in the sound of the album. ‘The Phoenix’ is jam packed full of the weird and wonderful disco-injected post-grunge groove rock we all fell in love with way back when.

But, sadly, in there lies the problem. The album is nothing new in terms of CKY‘s unique sound, and is near identical to their 1999 debut album, ‘Volume 1’, only without the spark and ingenuity. All 8 tracks are fine; they’re catchy, full of infectious riffs all doused with their trademark chunky, crunchy palm-muted intricate guitar work, but we’ve heard this all before, and we’ve been hearing it for almost 20 years now.

It’s almost impossible not to compare CKY with the likes of Electric Six, who also struck gold back in the early 00s. Both bands have since kept going by capitalising on their sound, but never quite reaching the lofty heights of the big hit. However, unlike Electric Six, who just keep churning out at least one shitty release every year, CKY bide their time to hone their output.

This will no doubt please the long-time fans. If you at all like CKY 17 years ago, then you’ll no doubt gravitate towards this release too. It’s just hard not to expect a bit more given the band are older, wiser, and overall better as musicians. Ah, well. It could be worse. We could have another Electric Six album.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)