ALBUM: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Pardon My French

Release Date: April 29th, 2013
Label: Fearless Records


Daft Punk, Alcest and Gojira. Those are the main exploits for French music over the last 100 years. Add one more to that list: the fabulous Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!. Championing an exciting mix of pop-punk and metalcore through the excellently titled ‘Pardon My French’, Chunk! have garnered fans worldwide thanks to their refreshing and fun approach to music.

Let’s face it, Paris is hardly the first place you’d look when searching for new pop-punk bands. Four Year Strong are from Massachusetts and A Day To Remember hail from Florida, and the genre has really exploded across the US with not much mention elsewhere bar the UK. Can’t Bear This Party are really the only other members of France’s new found interest in emotive metalcore, which we shall coin as ‘Baguette-core’. Silly names aside however, there are plenty of little things that set Chunk! apart from others in the genre. Their broken English lyrics, for one, are something that aren’t found elsewhere along with some interesting song subjects (see ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ for an internet meme-influenced jaunt).

Chunk! have admitted themselves that they never really envisioned playing easycore, but it was just a sound that fitted them after trying to beef up normal pop-punk. Paul Wilson and Éric Poncet‘s guitars sit in drop B tuning and that adds an extra level of heaviness that juxtaposes well with the melodic choruses sung by the ever cheerful Bernard Poncet. Chris Suitt (drums) and Mathias Rigal (bass) complete a line-up that has been constant since the band’s inception six years ago, and you’ve gotta believe that has contributed to their success.

You can really see how much fun Chunk! are having doing what they do, and you need look no further than ‘Restart’ for a perfect example of this. The lyrics of “We’re not changing the world, we’re making it right” may be a little bit silly, but you can’t fault the straight up catchiness on show. The tongue-in-cheek subject matter only contributes to Chunk!‘s success. In a fan vote on Facebook, the most popular lyrics were the start of ‘Pardon My French’: “Go fuck yourself!”.

Sure, most of the songs are achingly similar to many off 2010’s ‘Something For Nothing’, but when you’re having as much fun as Chunk! are, it really doesn’t matter. Despite the similarity, however, there is plenty of experimentation, like the mellow sections on ‘Miles And Decibels’ and ‘Reasons To Turn Back’. A really great album is completed by ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ at track #12. You’d be pretty foolish to think that the best is indeed yet to come for Chunk!.

Written by MG Savage