ALBUM: Cattle Decapitation – Monolith Of Inhumanity

Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Label: Metal Blade Records


Cattle Decapitation sound like a charming bunch of chappies now, don’t they? If you had to guess what sort of music they play, you’d probably guess dirty grind, and you’d be right. One strange thing about these old fellows though, is that they play ‘vegan grindcore’. Well, I suppose someone has to, right?

Now, if you’re of a nervous disposition or have a particularly fond interest in ponies, maybe Cattle Decapitation aren’t the band for you. Come to think of it, if you have any sort of interest in ponies, you should probably just kill yourself right now, in which case this is the perfect soundtrack. What will meat (ISWYDT) you when you press play is 11 tracks of merciless terror. I mean, some of the stuff in here is just flat out ridiculous. There’s a track called ‘Forced Gender Reassignment’, which of course any man would be terrified of if they’re proud of their willy. There’s also ‘Projectile Ovulation’… full marks for imagination at least.

If you want to just dip your toes into the annihilation for one song, maybe you should listen to ‘A Living, Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat’. It will be a shock to the system. It will be like stripping naked and running onto the motorway. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy then go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. The drums are quite frankly, absurd; I have no idea how David McGraw manages to double bass so fast without tunnelling to China, but you sure as shit haven’t heard anything like it before.

After 45 minutes of listening to Cattle Decapitation, you’ll find it has had one of two effects: either you will have swallowed their message of veganism and want to go and hug a pig, or you will want to get a first hand look at what a person’s liver looks like, by ripping it out. One thing’s for sure though, this is one of the more interesting ways to preach not eating meat. I mean, they’re on the PETA website for cry sake.

Personally, I think animals are delicious, but I can see why people would be against it. So, if you’re best friends with a herd of cattle, enjoy sitting in your wooden hut eating a tofu sundae whilst listening to a delightful soundtrack of Cattle Decapitation.

Written by MG Savage