ALBUM: Carnifex – Until I Feel Nothing

Release Date: October 25th, 2011
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


Deathcore outfit Carnifex are not for the faint hearted. By the time we get past intro track ‘Deathwish’ and into ‘We Spoke Of Lies’, this is a very clear statement with a double bass assault on the listener’s ears. However, new full-length ‘Until I Feel Nothing’ cannot be faulted for quality of production; As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis‘ ability in that department gives every song a very crisp, clean, full edge.

‘Dehumanize’ is aggressive and loud enough to satisfy even the most die-hard fans of heavy music. Well timed bass thumps and intricate guitar riffs provide some meat to the solid vocals on display, and there is an abundance of versatility in time signatures on display. ‘Never Forgive Me’ is packed with energy and goes along the lines of the old phrase of “play fast and play loud”, but that isn’t always a bad thing, and Scott Lewis‘ vocals are as emphatic here as ever.

Carnifex‘s fourth release definitely will not disappoint any of their current fans, it’s along the same lines as ‘Hell Chose Me’ with a slightly more polished finish, but has elements of ‘Dead In My Arms’ and ‘The Diseased And The Poisoned’ integrated throughout too. The band have a few trademarked qualities which are, as ever, notable throughout. The tempo of the string riffs switch nicely, and as always are about as subtle as a rocket launcher in an antique store, which is not a criticism, but a precision trademark of the band, and why so many deathcore fans love them.

While this album could do with a few more layers, Carnifex are in a genre which is constantly under the microscope to be scrutinized and torn apart by reviewers worldwide, more so than pretty much every other genre on the planet. This release, however, should be taken on face value for exactly what it is, and ‘Until I Feel Nothing’ is a very consistent outing from a band who release new material with a very quick turnover, and manage to do their fair bit of touring as well, something not to be grumbled at in this day and age.

Written by Gary Cassidy