ALBUM: Capture The Crown – Reign Of Terror

Release Date: August 5th, 2014
Label: Artery Recordings
Website: None available


Landing on a sonic landscape frequented far too often by scene nearly-rans, there’s an unpleasant whiff of familiarity surrounding ‘Reign Of Terror’ which proves to see its potential stall rather pathetically at ‘solid’. Relatively inoffensive yet fatally devoid of any individuality or imagination, Capture The Crown‘s sophomore (and debut with Artery Recordings) is something of a regressive miss-step from the Aussie quintet.

Abandoning their budding deathly clamour for something all the more en vogue, the PG-rated chorus/breakdown routine is wheeled out for yet another spin around the block, and we’re quick to ascertain that, even with a surfeit of kiddie magnet hooks and bro-down aggression, ‘Reign Of Terror’ is utterly reliant on scene norms, and rather smacks of desperation. It certainly no good thing that the likes of ‘To Whom It May Concern’ and ‘I Hate You’ filter immediately into a forgettable haze amid the band’s more mundane contemporaries.

Indeed, ‘Beating The Blades’ and its highly questionable rap section, along with the shmaltzly acoustic-isms of closer ‘Janina’ may offer certain curveballs into the mix, yet the electrified savagery and widescreen melody Capture The Crown are reaching for is not only both jarringly hackneyed and nodding towards triteness, it’s simply not delivered with the conviction or potency of their esteemed peers.

Looking for all the world like a cheap grab at metalcore mega-stardom, ‘Reign Of Terror’ adds little to the recent heritage of metallic triumphs down under.

Written by Tony Bliss