ALBUM: Capsize – The Angst In My Veins

Release Date: October 13th, 2014
Label: Equal Vision Records


Capsize are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from the US who’ve been putting out a steady string of releases since their formation half a decade ago. Having played shows in countries all over the world, their live performance and solid tunes seem to be garnering them fans left, right and centre. The band were recently announced to have the opening slot on Impericon‘s UK/European Never Say Die! tour too, alongside hardcore titans Terror, Comeback Kid and Stick To Your Guns.

But, first thing’s first; with ‘The Angst In My Veins’, it’s obvious that the Californian quintet aren’t out to re-invent the wheel. Across an easily digestible thirty-five minutes, the band offer up ten tracks of somber melodic hardcore, with plenty of emphasis on the ‘hardcore’ side of things, often transitioning from two-step beats which drive each song into a pretty nifty breakdown or a side-to-side section. As for the melodic aspect, there’s plenty of interesting lead work on show here. Octaves, tremolo sections and the odd ambient part litters the record, but if you’re at all familiar with the heavy-weights of the genre then you know exactly what to expect.

However, that’s not to say that the album doesn’t have its flaws. Like most records in the genre, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and, while ‘The Angst In My Veins’ is as cohesive as they come, there seems to be a distinct lack of anything memorable, or any track that stands out above the others. You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned one track as a definitive highlight, and that’s because even ‘Pale’, the song released to promote the full-length is a decent slab of melodic hardcore, but that’s all it is: decent. It’s enjoyable, but there’s nothing here that makes it stand out from the song either side of it.

It seems that the band plays a little too hard on its influences too, and in all honesty the entire album could, with Derek Archambault‘s vocals on it as well as some post-World War II melodrama, be some b-sides from Defeater‘s ‘Travels’ sessions.

Despite its flaws, though, it’s hard not to like ‘The Angst In My Veins’ and appreciate it for what it is. While it’s a generic record, I really feel as though it’s more to do with the style of music the band play restricting them than their talent as musicians, because Capsize are definitely a tight unit with a lot of hype surrounding them. It’s an enjoyable album, no doubt, but Capsize don’t push the boat out nearly enough to make a large enough wave in the metaphorical sea. They’ll have to try harder to write something a little more memorable, or else their career will sink right before their eyes.

Written by Jack Boaden