ALBUM: Canvas – Worry

Release Date: October 6th 2017
Label: Basick Records
Website: None available


The post-hardcore genre has a new contender in the form of Bedfordshire quintet, Canvas. The band have toured up and down the country countless times and across Europe, booking their own shows in the most DIY way possible. Unfortunately, during this time, there has been a fair few line-up changes that have unsettled the band and their audiences. Inconsistent music releases have been a hindrance also. So, when the band announced their debut full-length, ‘Worry’, it’s no surprise that it was met with both excitement and a tinge of apprehension.

From the first listen, however, it’s clear that as unsettled as the band may appear, sonically they know their place. Opener ‘Stay A While’ is a harrowing introduction that showcases the band’s ability to emote even the most stone-hearted of listeners, with lead singer Ricky Clarke singing lyrics that speak volumes about his demons. It’s a slow and dreary song that sets the tone for an album full of heavy guitars, heavy drums, but filled with an almost heart-breaking atmosphere.

Lead single ‘The Death Of Us’ showcases the band’s heavier sound. It’s sure to be a real crowd pleaser when the band play their (many) live shows next year. It sounds great on record, it sounds heavy on record, but the stand outs on the record come from the more melodic moments. ‘Loveless’ is an absolute highlight; it’s heavy in the form of atmosphere, it’s heavy in the form of guitars and drums, but the achingly desperate lyrics make it the heaviest hitting track on the record as Clarke bellows, “I think I’m falling apart / I think I’m coming undone / There’s nothing in my heart / I am unlovable.”

One criticism of ‘Worry’ is that it sounds slightly familiar all the way through, and there’s not enough of a variation in style. However, with such a heavy focus on the lyricism on the record, it doesn’t detract from the album too much, but it does beg the question: can they keep it up next time round? Only time will tell. But, with a sound that’s bordering between Being As An Ocean and Architects, let’s enjoy a great debut album from a very promising band that are sure to be flying the flag for British post-hardcore. For the moment, at least.

Written by Jacob Eynon (@itsjustjake93)