ALBUM: Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain

Release Date: September 16th, 2014
Label: Metal Blade Records


Some things operate at a consistently high level, despite essentially being the same over a long period of time; Coca-Cola, the Ferrari F1 team, Cannibal Corpse. The New Yorkers have been discussing barbaric torture methods and ways to kill people for over 25 years now, and not once have they dipped below standard. ‘A Skeletal Domain’ is another lesson in how to play death metal properly.

There are no wimpy clean singing sections here, the nearest to which are probably the squeals of Pat O’Brien‘s demonic guitar work. You won’t find George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher attempting to spin kick the nearest child, instead his terrifying tree trunk neck will be helping propel his windmilling hair with enough force to power a small town. Paul Mazurkiewicz‘s drumming is akin to that of a helicopter taking off, or a night on the lash with Tony Montana.

Cannibal Corpse are unique in their genre because they write songs that are actually discernible from other songs. ‘Kill Or Become’ has received the music video treatment; a song that features a catchy chorus, something that you definitely wouldn’t expect in this neck of the woods. ‘Headlong Into Carnage’ has a riff that burrows itself into your brain like the drill of a dentist gone bananas. In fact, ‘A Skeletal Domain’ is essentially a very simple record when stripped down to its bare bones. Will we see Cannibal Corpse at V Festival soon?

For some, Cannibal Corpse may seem like another one of those bands that just have too much material and getting into them may seem like a task too daunting. It’s certainly worth checking out our FINEST HOUR feature (here) on the five lads to get some pointers on where to start. Failing that, ‘A Skeletal Domain’ is certainly as good a place as anything to get going. One thing’s for sure: Cannibal Corpse sure as shit haven’t lost it.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)