ALBUM: Bury Tomorrow – Runes

Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Label: Nuclear Blast Records


With the groundswell of British metal talent taking a stranglehold internationally, the queue joustling to become the next globe trotting flag bearer is as competitive as it is long. However, only a fool would bet against the melodic bluster and teeth rattling might of Bury Tomorrow, whose meteoric rise has seen them become not only darlings of the UK festival circuit, and indeed live favourites as a whole, but perhaps begetters of the most vital metalcore release of recent years in 2012’s breakout, ‘The Union Of Crowns’.

‘Runes’, the Southampton quintet’s third full-length offering, meets the almost insurmountable task of topping that exemplary standard with the gusto of a young outfit brimming with ideas and belly fire. Dropping europhic metalcore A-bombs throughout, cries of ‘one trick pony’ and gripes of repetition may follow, yet the rich depth of sound and banging metallic punch from tracks such as recent single ‘Of Glory’, or the stunning instrumental tour-de-force ‘Watcher’, evoke such a refinition of sound that detractors are soon drowned out by the slickly textured tunage on display.

Indeed, the anthemic bombast of ‘The Torch’ is as mammothly infectious as Bury Tomorrow have ever been, whereas the crunching melo-death blows of ‘Darker Water’ and ‘Year Of The Harvest’ see the band ramping up the violence to devastating effect. The balance between towering, arena baiting melody and flick knife aggression is pitched flawlessly throughout and, amid the bone snapping rhythmic clout (‘Our Gift’) and sumptuous, ruthlessly crafted chorus refrains (‘Shadow, A Creator’), it’s difficult to comprehend where devotees of modern heaviousity could find room to quarrel.

What is perhaps most thrilling with ‘Runes’ is that the record plays entirely to the strengths of Bury Tomorrow and makes no attempt to progress too far from their established expertise. Fine tuning, sharpening and polishing, this is a release which through embracing the explosive power of metalcore done well, is inevitably bound to catapult Bury Tomorrow into the stratosphere. Heavyweights take note, these erstwhile upstarts are soon to stand tall beside you.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)