ALBUM: Buried In Verona – Notorious

Release Date: June 1st, 2012
Label: We Are Unified


With the prevailing image of Australia being all sun and surfing, it’s somewhat bewildering that of late we have seen a number of viciously heavy bands emerge from Down Under. Buried In Verona‘s third full-length, ‘Notorious’, is just another pummelingly aggressive release which begs the question, just what are they so angry about? Although, on the evidence of these tracks, we should no doubt be thankful for whatever it is that’s generating such fury.

Opening with the massive ‘Mabye Next Time’, the album goes straight for the throat. With the somewhat absurd refrain of “If I found your burning body / I wouldn’t stop to piss on you” launched over some churning grooves, it’s certainly a furious outset, and from here Buried In Verona prove to marry this extreme aggression with an equally stellar sense of melody which, although not resulting in anything particularly original, remains undeniably sincere throughout.

Tracks such as ‘Last Words’ combine rumbling low end sludge and soaring chorus melodies, constantly switching up between instrumental barbarity and huge vocal hooks. It’s a tried and tested formula, yet the band place their dynamics so effectively it’s difficult not to be impressed by the sheer impact of the songs, whether it be the absolutely monsterous breakdowns of ‘Miles Away’ and ‘The Descent’ or the shimmering hooks in ‘Can’t Let It Go’.

Perhaps the most affectual weapon in the Austrailians’ arsenal however is vocalist Brett Anderson. His utterly enraged roar is certainly powerful, yet it’s the almost hip-hop flow he manages to create with his vocal patterns which injects a constant bounce and danceablity into proceedings, making the songs all the more accessible, even given their acute intensity.

‘Notorious’ succeeds because it manages to instill some refreshing, straight forward earnestness into an established (some would say overdone) blueprint. Full throttle violent fun with more than its fair share of infectiousness, Buried In Verona have delivered an album chock full of gems and look to be really hitting their stride.

Written by Tony Bliss