ALBUM: Buried In Verona – Faceless

Release Date: March 10th, 2014
Label: UNFD/Artery


Australia seem to have a habit of producing very few metalcore bands, but when they do, they do it right. Parkway Drive lead the way, but their heels are always being chomped by I Killed The Prom Queen, Northlane and Confession. Even the notoriously shit Capture The Crown are making an international name for themselves. Buried In Verona are now on album #4 with ‘Faceless’, and it may be time to add them to the list of Australia’s main exports.

‘Faceless’ is the second album for Buried In Verona since their line-up was depleted with the departure of founding members Mick Taylor and Katongo Chituta (both guitars), leaving only Brett Anderson (vocals) from the original 2007 quintet. It’s an album that draws no boundaries in terms of musical output, ranging from singalong powerpop in parts to heavy, downtuned chugging in others.

For the most part, ‘Faceless’ is a lesson in powerful metalcore momentum, beginning with standout track ‘Eclipse’ after a short and pointless intro. ‘Faceless’ is a record that proves Buried In Verona aren’t content to sit back and live off their Australian fanbase like Confession do. It shows that the band are fully set on world domination and battling the mighty American genre kings.

It’s slightly strange then that Buried In Verona decided to throw in the curveball that is ‘Set Me On Fire’. It’s almost like a switch was flipped as the entire band launches is full-on Thirty Seconds To Mars worship, with an airy singalong chorus that soars above the clouds and barely a zero in sight on the guitar tablature. It’s certainly the eye of the storm as far as ‘Faceless’ is concerned though, as regular scheduling continues afterwards with ‘The Damned’ and six more tracks.

Buried In Verona have already attempted to break into the UK live scene with an appearance supporting Emmure, amongst other tours, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be contending with the likes of Architects or While She Sleeps for our heavy hearts. Maybe they just need to grow some fringes and get some open chested t-shirts.

Written by MG Savage (@MGsavagewriter)