ALBUM: Bullet For My Valentine – Temper, Temper

Release Date: February 12th, 2013
Label: RCA


Bullet For My Valentine have lost it. It was bound to happen eventually; ‘The Poison’ and ‘Scream Aim Fire’ were classic modern metal albums, but ‘Fever’ was pushing it. Now, with new full-length ‘Temper, Temper’, BFMV have come crashing down from the crest of a wave to fall flat on their faces.

From start to finish, ‘Temper, Temper’ fails to leave an impact on you. It’s the age old story of a band gaining fame and then becoming lazy. The riffs are overused, the lyrics are too cliche, and there isn’t anything that pushes the boundaries at all. Matt Tuck has cut his hair and become even more of an insufferable prick in the process, and it looks a lot like BFMV is becoming more about him than the other members.

Matthew ‘Padge’ Paget gets a small solo on the title-track, but on the songs that will no doubt be receiving solid airplay, it’s all Tuck. Released in early October, the song is probably the best offering from the album, and that’s saying something. When you see that the video is just a bunch of people smashing things up in an Anger Management class, it seems like BFMV have run out of things to sing about.

It doesn’t get much better with ‘Riot’, the album’s second single. Tuck features as the focal point in all his Billie Joe Armstrong glory, and his super Welsh cries of “Raiyat!” serve to annoy rather than thrill.

Glancing at the rest of the songs provides a little more excitement. ‘Breaking Point’ is another oh-so-angry song, but does at least sound like something off of ‘Fever’. ‘Dead To The World’ features a collaboration with Chris Jericho, albeit unfortunately only on the lyrics.

If you aren’t convinced of my assessment so far, then look no further than ‘Tears Don’t Fall (Part 2)’. You might be skeptical and wonder if it sounds like the original, and you’d be entirely correct. It’s the exact same fucking song except with different lyrics. It just stinks of uninspiration.

‘Temper, Temper’ is a massive middle finger to BFMV‘s long standing fans. It effectively shuns most metal elements in favour of a more Kerrang! friendly rock sound. BFMV are gonna be filthy rich soon, and they apparently don’t give a fuck who they discard along the way.

Written by MG Savage