ALBUM: Brutality Will Prevail – In Dark Places

Release Date: March 24th 2017
Label: Holy Roar Records
Website: None available


After a short hiatus, Brutality Will Prevail are back with their fifth studio full-length record, ‘In Dark Places’. This album has been highly anticipated in the hardcore scene, and rightly so, seeing the Welsh outfit return to business as usual, with an added doom metal element.

First track ‘Serpents’ starts with a lot of feedback noises and drops into a sludgy slow bass and drum section – the staple of any good hardcore track. Towards the song’s climax, it breaks down into a solo riff that’s been predominant throughout into a very groove-filled breakdown to end.

Following up, ‘Perpetual Lows’ is a song that’s not short in supply of riffs, and feels like it could’ve been taken from one of the band’s previous releases. ‘Penitence’ takes a more eerie sort of atmospheric turn on the album; throughout the song it builds up massively to what’s coming at the end, and that’s just all out ridiculousness, and some of the heaviest material on this release.

‘Nybbas’ starts of very, very differently to the rest of the the tracks on this release. It feels like a sort of breather, and is a very calming instrumental track BWP have followed on from the onslaught of ‘Penitence’ in the sense of using atmospheric/eerie elements to make this haunting track.

Brutality Will Prevail have written an absolute storming album here, riddled with atmospheric elements, bone crunching breakdowns, and grooves that even Nile Rodgers would be jealous of. Established fans will not be disappointed, and for newcomers, ‘In Dark Places’ is definitely a step in the right direction to them being your next new obsession.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)