ALBUM: Brokencyde – Will Never Die

Release Date: November 9th, 2010
Label: Break Silence Recordings
Website: None available


If their album’s title is true and the band really will never die, then at least some hope remains that they’ll instead just go away. Brokencyde, the crunk/gangsta/screamo hybrid make their return with ‘Will Never Die’, the band’s second album after their just as tuneful debut ‘I’m Not A Fan, But The Kids Like It!’. With 18 songs lasting a total of 53 minutes, making it through the album is a honour and you should congratulate yourself on not actually dying whilst listening.

Musically, the album is a lot stronger than the first, but saying that is like saying less people died in the second World War rather than in the first, but no matter how you try to sweeten it overall it was still a fucking mess, much like this record. ‘Money Hungry Hoe’ is the sound of Good Charlotte going electro with all of the expected bad results, and ‘Always Go Hard’ makes you wish really you just hadn’t bothered putting it on. ‘Shake’ is a catchy song but sounds like a watered down LMFAO, lacking the energy LMFAO would typically include on a track like this. ‘High Timez’ is a highlight amongst the, for lack of a better word, shit to be found on the rest of the album, it boasting a playful bouncy reggae sound and is easy listening unlike the rest of the album’s mash of synths and screams.

It’s easier to hear a better rhythm from a battered washing machine than what you’ll get from any moment on ‘Will Never Die’. After his recent mediocre efforts of rock synth infused rap similar to Brokencyde, it looks like Lil Wayne could easily create better tunes whilst off his tips on Sizzup. This is most definitley a prime example of style over substance, leaving Brokencyde will be more remebered for their haircuts rather than their music, that’s when they eventually do die.

Written by Ali Pritchard