ALBUM: Broadway – Contexture: Gods, Men, & The Infinite Cosmos

Release Date: March 9th 2015
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


The post-hardcore boys of Broadway made a lasting impression with first full-length ‘Kingdoms’, but soon moved in a somewhat lighter directions with sophomore offering ‘Gentleman’s Brawl’, tipping towards the pop-punk end of the rock spectrum. New release ‘Contexture: Gods, Men, & The Infinite Cosmos’ sees a return to the band’s roots and what a welcome return it is.

Opening track ‘Manifest Prosperity’ kicks off the album heavily and fast-paced ,but keeps a clear chorus with frontman Misha Camacho‘s impeccable vocals soaring over the powerful yet technical background of his bandmates. This impressive instrumental work is enjoyed further on ‘One Night On Mars’, introduced by a deep south, country-influenced riff.

Most of all, though, this point is made on ‘dOPPELGANGER’, which sees Broadway at their heaviest with screams included in the vocals. This fantastic track, with its integral guitar solo and colossal breakdown, wouldn’t be out of place on an A Day To Remember album, which stands testament to how well this band have done.

Broadway change the pace drastically on acoustic number ‘Found You’, which is a nice little track, but is so out of place on this record that it stands out as a very off choice of song. Thankfully, first single ‘Volcano Jack’ picks things back up with stunning performances all around and an impressively catchy chorus, similar to the huge and atmospheric ‘I Am Man’.

Rounding off this offering is ‘Gods And Men’, written to be played in huge venues with everyone singing along, leaving you with the feeling that it’s good to have Broadway back on the music scene and definitely better to have them back to their post-hardcore ways. ‘Contexture: Gods Men, & The Infinite Cosmos’ is a cracking album that this band should be very proud of.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)