ALBUM: Bring Me The Horizon – There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret.

Release Date: October 4th, 2010
Label: Visible Noise


If you’re at all involved in the alternative music scene then you should know full well the name Bring Me The Horizon. This 5-piece metalcore act have been often critisied in the past for creating music which is style over substance, due to the way they dress and all that lot resulting in tagging them as a ‘scenecore’ band, and even making funny alterations for their name like Bring Me The Hairspray. This was all until they unleashed their second album ‘Suicide Season’ in 2008, an album which shown the band are more than capable of creating something much more than their mediocre at best material heard beforehand.

‘Suicide Season’ involved much more electonics, experimentation, and basically a much more mature and well-rounded sound from a band finally evolving. Step forward two years to ‘There Is A Hell…’ and you’ve got a band who’ve done it again, pushing those elements to their extremes. Bringing in a live orchestra and choir, BMTH have got a little more epic and obviously orchestral with their third full-length, and all to great effect.

Opening up with the just over 6-minute long bombshell that is ‘Crucify Me’, the tracks sets up for what is to follow for the remaining 46-minutes remaining on the album. It’s combination of strings, spooky electronic effected vocals and a solemn closing of Lights‘ first appearance, shit gets hot quick. The band have also managed to get a little more catchy and accessible with first lifted single ‘It Never Ends’, using the hired orchestra to great potential and showing a diversity not seen before, before plummeting you into the ravenous (yet poorly titled) ‘Fuck’.

Oliver Sykes‘ lyrics are far more personal, confessional and almost autobiographical this time around, most notably in the spine chilling performance of ‘Don’t Go’, shedding much sincerity in his vocal efforts, and accompanied by Lights for the second time results in a haunting final outcome. ‘Blessed With A Curse’ is yet another highlight, bringing a change of pace to an almost rock-tinged sound, future sing-a-long lyrics “Take back every word I’ve said / Ever said to you” even with a pretty decent guitar solo shoved in for good measure, then to close with an under two-minute bludgeoning speedtrain with ‘The Fox And The Wolf’.

Of course as with most album there are a few letdowns, such as the a little too predictable ‘Anthem’ and pretty bland gang shout-heavy ‘Home Sweet Hole’, but ‘There Is A Hell…’ has received critical acclaim even before its release deservedly. Despite what the haters say Bring Me The Horizon are consistently releasing good music, and once again they’ve pushed the bar even higher for the competition.

Written by Zach Redrup