ALBUM: Brand New – Daisy

Release Date: September 22nd, 2009
Label: DGC/Interscope


Every time Brand New release a new album, their style progresses a bit further down the road of experimental rock and conceptual themes. Their biggest change happened between the release of debut ‘Your Favourite Weapon’ and sophomore effort ‘Deja Entendu’, switching from emo tinged pop-punk to a more emo tinged indie rock. From that point each album has slowly but surely moved away from emo themed lyrics to the conceptual lyrics we see today.

Anyway, less of Brand New past and more of Brand New present. Their latest offering ‘Daisy’ brings us some very unusual but incredible musical ideas, and to carry on with the lyrical themes that ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ had started. Opener ‘Vices’ manically throws us from one spectrum to the other, starting with a recording of hymn before suddenly switching to a violent post-hardcore tune, shattering the calm that they tried to entrance the listener with.

From here on in we get pretty everything between these two extremes, ‘Be Gone’ being probably the most musically experimental track on the album, with a resonator guitar, gated vocals effects a plenty and an almost country sound to it, this track that is essentially a bridge track, and has had so much thought has been poured into the instrumentation its comes out as strong as any other track on the album.

‘At The Bottom’ is the one and only single off the album, and probably the closest they get to their emo past, with sang verses and gang chant choruses, and heavy theme of death making the closest they’ll get to producing a teenage anthem again. However, ‘Gasoline’ stands as the strongest moment. The catchy syncopated drums, fuzzy guitars and roughly sang lyrics; all together ensure that it’s the most energetic song on the album.

Overall this album is verging on perfect, whilst the lyrics haven’t really been discussed, it is one of the strongest concept pieces you may listen to any time soon. Musically the album has so much to offer, helping create so much more atmosphere with the already highly descriptive lyrics. Every album release Brand New just get better and better, leaving doubt that their next album would break this trend.

Written by Jonathan Andrews