ALBUM: Born From Pain – Survival

Release Date: October 31st, 2008
Label: Metal Blade


Judging from the album front cover, you wouldn’t be mistaken to think you would be faced with some kind of grind metal, but upon first listen of ‘Survival’, it is a complete shock to be faced with straight up hardcore laden with double bass tappings and straining vocals. ‘Zeitergeist’ is by far the highlight of the album and how it is only track eight is nothing short of a surprise; if anything it should be much higher on the track listing. If you are a fan of hardcore, almost very Your Demise-esque then this is definitely for you as many comparisons could be drawn.

Despite what may seem like a war-themed album, the instrumentation from each member all slots together like a carefully crafted jigsaw to create a nice blend of sounds, and one which is easy on the ears yet also brutal for those who like it that way. Signed to Metal Blade Records, there is no doubt as to why the album is of such a high quality, and there is a bright future ahead of Born From Pain despite their past, aslong as they manage to keep up the ante.

Written by Dom Wyatt