ALBUM: Blood Youth – Beyond Repair

Release Date: April 7th 2017
Label: Rude Records


After a couple of well received EPs and hitting stages in the UK over the last few years, Blood Youth are finally prepped with their debut record. ‘Beyond Repair’ amalgamates all that they’ve done previously as they continue to excel with heavy verses before hitting into ridiculously melodic and catchy choruses.

Blood Youth have stepped up to the plate and confirmed what we all expected – that they can deliver a full-length record bursting with excellent hardcore infused punk rock tracks.

Bands can often lose their appeal when they hit their debut LP, either by losing the charm of their early years through over production or creating such a change that their original fanbase feels alienated. Blood Youth have encaptured the raw sound that suits their aesthetic perfectly. Vocalist Kaya Tarsus said that they wanted to “write an album that felt like you were being punched in the head”, and ‘Beyond Repair’ is just that: an onslaught of aggression from start-to-finish.

‘Parasite’ has a gang vocal chorus that melodically matches the persistent riff, and it’s unravelled with unpredictable changes to structure and tempo. Although there’s a lot of relatively ‘slower’ tracks that emphasise the melodic elements and the metronome-like guitar that leads you into each track, ‘Man Made Disaster’ shows that Blood Youth can easily go as fast and heavy as any hardcore band out there.

There are two key elements of the record to really zone in on: sing-a-longs and mesmerising riffs. ‘Reason To Stay’ and ‘Pulling Teeth’ have choruses to entitle them to be singles for the album, but ‘Savanna’ has it all. The effortless switch between verse and chorus maintains the stampede before yet another riff takes over for the final 30 seconds.

Blood Youth aren’t doing anything new here, and they aren’t innovating the next scene, but what they are doing is being better than all clean/harsh singing bands touring at the moment. They hit harder and now have ten tracks as a continuation of what ‘Inside My Head’ and ‘Closure’ started. This is for fans of any new hardcore and even pop-punk kids looking at something to really bang their head to. Pick up ‘Beyond Repair’, and delve into the upbeats and beatdowns of Blood Youth.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)