ALBUM: Blitz Kids – The Good Youth

Release Date: January 20th, 2014
Label: Red Bull Records


We are perhaps in danger of becoming rather tiresome when espousing the strength of the surging British rock scene of late, yet with a turn over of vibrant and hook laden releases as we have been treated to in recent years, the superlatives understandably continue to flow. Cheshire quartet Blitz Kids follow the trend as ‘The Good Youth’ represents, not only a mighty leap forward for the band, but the promise of yet another fruitful year on these shores.

Brimming with youthful vigor and buoyant infectiousness the songs here are all zip and bounce, although some subtle expansion takes us pleasingly far from throwaway pleasure territory. Booting off with the call to arms refrain of ‘All I Want Is Everything’, the intent is clear with a towering chorus and a sense of grandeur which sits toe-to-toe with the most majestic of UK heavyhitters, ‘Run For Cover’ following up with some playful Taking Back Sunday vibes and yet more irresistible hooks.

‘On My Own’ employs some liberal orchestral swells (not to mention a brief but charming guitar lead), ‘Long Road’ marries soul searching balladry with some ebb and flow female vocals and engrossing atmospherics, and album highlight ‘Keep Swinging’ is all elated strings and electronic touches, encasing a feel good anthemic number. ‘Sold My Soul’ even has the creative aplomb to include an organ solo from The Mars Volta‘s own Marcel Rodriguez.

‘The Good Youth’ is primed to mark a real career turning point for Blitz Kids. With the likes of You Me And Six and Young Guns leading the pack, this is a record which displays not only the songwriting ability to compete with anyone in the game, but the creative foresight and dynamic know how to maintain both inventiveness and the delivery of a catchy tune. Don’t be surprised to hear the name Blitz Kids both high and low in 2014.

Written by Tony Bliss