ALBUM: Bleeding Through – The Great Fire

Release Date: January 31st, 2012
Label: Rise Records


I often find myself having the same conversation at gigs;
Stranger: So what bands are you into?
Me: Well, it varies, I like X, Y, Z. Oh, and Bleeding Through.
Stranger: Who?
Me: You know, that band with the really hot keyboardist? Marta Peterson.
Stranger: Oh yeah!

However, I should point out that Bleeding Through are so much more. Considering that they have been going since 1999, they are still going strong and haven’t released a bad album to date.

With ‘The Great Fire’, their seventh studio album to date, they were given a lot of creative freedom on it. With no deadlines to adhere to, they were free to write record and produce it as and when they pleased. Although it doesn’t sound terrifically different from their previous releases, there are moments when they take a break from their norm.

In true Bleeding Through style, ‘The Great Fire’ is a solid 40 minutes of terror and fury. Take ‘Goodbye To Death’, a brutal anthem that sweeps you up in the moment and will make you think “Holy fuck”. BT have always had a good knack of doing that. In fact, the whole album is just one furious song after the next. It’s the perfect album to listen to when you’re just that pissed off at everyone on the bus and you’re imagining you could kill them all. Anyone else have that feeling? No? Hmm, I may need help.

Their previous self-titled release seemed to irritate the fans somewhat and left most questioning their new musical direction. Taking this criticism on board, BT are sticking to what they are good at and recreated an album similar (but not as good as) ‘Declaration’. However, some tracks such as ‘Final Hours’ start off promising, boasting an intro as pissed off as your average Daily Mail reader, but then somewhat falls flat during the chorus. This pattern seems to repeat itself on a few songs, but there is a good chunk of heavy songs to make up for it.

It’s not exactly BT returning to their roots, but they’re not selling out either. Overall, ‘The Great Fire’ is still a bloody good album, considering they did it all by themselves too. It’s got a decent collection of vicious songs, as well as few powerful anthems hidden amongst them. They may not be as good as their previous songs, such as ‘Germany’, but this is an album worth checking out.

Written by Andy Roberts