ALBUM: Bleech – Nude

Release Date: June 4th, 2012
Label: Bucks Music Group Publishing


Grunge is not dead. It’s been reincarnated in the form of London based trio Bleech, made up of sisters Jennifer and Katherine O’Neill and old school friend Matt Bick. After learning their trade supporting bands such as Wolfmother, The Charlatans and The Joy Formidable across the UK and Germany, they have finally released their first full-length album to the world, ‘Nude’.

‘Nude’ comes to life with opener ‘Weirdo’Bleech have a sound comparable to that of pre ‘Kid A’ Radiohead, Blind Melon and The Cardigans rolled into one. Some may say this kind of music has had its heyday, but Bleech are completely disproving that. They’re most definitely not just a 90s throwback, but rather something we haven’t quite heard before: grunge with a melodic twist. ‘Nude’ is packed with potential chart toppers, not least of which is first single, ‘Mondays’. The lyrics are contagious, the melody is infectious and with such a formula this will be stuck in your head for days after listening.

‘Break My Nose’ is another stand-out track, and the vocals of Jennifer O’Neill at points sound like a female Billy Corgan, whereas ‘The Worthing Song’ has a bigger kick, more energy and has a slight bit of funk in the riffs too. ‘Unique’ is most definitely an appropriate word here and a copy of the album art may be kicking about in the dictionary beside the word. The most infectious and unique track of the album though has to be ‘I Wanna Be Me’. It’s yet another “I think I’ve heard this before” track full of familiarity, but also sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard before, appropriate for a song full of contrasting noises such as this one. Both melancholy and aggressive, energetic and nonchalant.

‘Nude’ is an album made up of unique noises and is most definitely a must-hear. A perfect balance of familiarity and freshness, Bleech are one to watch out for as this is surely just the start for them.

Written by Gary Cassidy