ALBUM: Blackguard – Firefight

Release Date: March 29th, 2011
Label: Victory Records
Website: None available


It would appear there is a common misconception that Blackguard are regarded as being being part folk band. Upon first listen, I have absolutely no idea where said idea comes from whatsoever. Sounding like a mix between Children Of Bodom, Dragonforce and maybe a little bit of Trivium too with The Black Dahlia Murder-esque vocals, it is all very wishy washy from start to finish.

Melodic, symphonic death/black metal would be the best way to describe ‘Firefight’ as a whole, but either way, hailing from Canada there is a lot of hype behind Blackguard after their three previous releases and being on Victory Records, albeit slightly out of place. There are parts of it where it brings your heart to a crescendo and your soon to realise what the hype is all about, but then there are parts which could quite easily just pass through one ear and into another. Not to say it is bad, but it could most certainly be a bit more catchier.

It could almost be an album to introduce new people to the band, or even to the more ‘extreme’ side of accessible metal music. Whilst it is not a record that you’re to be sitting around listening to for days upon end (unless you are a die hard fan of course), it is one you can certainly enjoy whilst just taking it in. Not spectacular, but not bad, overall: average.

Written by Dom Wyatt