ALBUM: Black Veil Brides – Black Veil Brides IV

Release Date: October 28th, 2014
Label: Lava Records/Universal Republic Records


Although the hissing vitriol synonymous with any mention of their name may have subsided somewhat in recent months, there’s still no denying that, as much as Black Veil Brides are adored by an army of sullen eyed, black clad teens, they’re also equally loathed by a metal community who maintain the band’s ethos to be pandering and regressive.

Their rather ludicrous image may be understandably off-putting, yet Black Veil Brides‘ penchant for muscular riffing and harmless, radio-friendly bluster has always been undeserving of the mountainous hate it received. And, with a tangible metallic edge to this, the band’s fourth full-length, the five pieces Avenged-lite dramatics are as inoffensive and likable as ever.

Opener, ‘Heart Of Fire’, is a big dumb slab of hard rock stomp, fiery leads and overwrought hooks the order of the day. Indeed, this is largely the story of ‘Black Veil Brides IV’, with a dash of metalcore here (check out ‘Faithless’ for some Trivium-esque thunder), a ballad there (‘Goodbye Agony’), and a liberal dollop of glam colour. There’s no invention, there’s no danger, there’s no adventure, but fitting of the hate that it’s bound to receive? Hardly.

The lyrical output is certainly the most glaring issues we see, with cliche and triteness abounding, but aside from this, Black Veil Brides continue the trend of being not hideously bad, yet not world beatingly good. With the potential to rein in hoards of future metal fans, the band’s role as a gateway act may prove invaluable, so for now, their status as global superstars, although not justified by their music, could source something wonderful. Time will tell.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)