ALBUM: Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well

Release Date: August 18th 2016
Label: Spinefarm Records


Every once in a while an artist will come along who effortlessly encapsulates and flawlessly delivers what the people crave. The Story So Far did so with their no-frills, California surfer pop-punk and Architects before them with their devastating post-hardcore anthems. Now, the spot light shines on Black Foxxes who are distributing their own brand of aural heroin via their debut studio album, ‘I’m Not Well’.

Think ‘Nevermind’ era Nirvana with hints of Hot Water Music and La Dispute and you’ll only just start to get a sense of what Black Foxxes are like. This Exeter trio have taken these familiar, yet incredible sounds and simply used them as a jumping off point to launch their own eclectic blend of influences to phenomenal heights of brilliance.

Although the opening title track may indicate that you are in for a forty three minute plus slow, melancholic, mope-fest, things swiftly change into a gorgeous exorcism of pent up aggression and frustration to the back drop of some of the best, most emotive melodic punk around. The combination of guitars crunchier than corn flakes sprinkled with gravel and lyrics more harrowing and visceral than a funeral, this is an album for the disenfranchised and disengaged – one that will certainly make you feel at least something again.

Not to sound too much like a pretentious, rock snob but this isn’t an album you can casually listen to. ‘I’m Not Well’ requires an investment of your time, like the releases of Coheed & Cambria, Between The Buried & Me, or Touché Amore. Sure, the vocals may be a bit jarring in places, but people said the same about Kurt Cobain once. Plus, when you’re immersed in the swirling dread and are caught up in a tornado of morbid sentiments and oh so relatable statements, this will be the least of your concerns.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)