ALBUM: Black Breath – Sentenced To Life

Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Label: Southern Lord
Twitter: None available


If you’ve ever been raped by a horse, then you know what to expect from Black Breath. And unless you’re the zombie corpse of Mr. Hands, I suggest you keep reading. Inspired by that disgusting guitar tone that Entombed and Dismember championed in Sweden in the 80s, Black Breath play this new type of hardcore that takes as much from death metal as it does from crust. Think Trap Them, Rotten Sound et al. If you like gory horror films where Japanese people cut off each others lips, then this is the music for you.

If you’ve ever forcibly consumed your own faeces, then you know what to expect from Black Breath‘s riffage; vile, crunchy, and hard to swallow. They just keep coming as well throughout the album, like so many chilli infested Saturday morning beer shits. ‘Doomed’ will give you the feeling when you’re being forced to leaf through your nan’s erotic photo collection. ‘Forced Into Possession’ is akin to having your face painted by a chainsaw. ‘Feast Of The Damned’ is the audial equivalent of getting a backrub from Charles Manson.

If you’ve ever been grinded on by a 7-foot skinhead at a gay bar, then you know what to expect from Neil McAdams‘ vocals. The nagging feeling that you may be murdered at any moment really keeps you on your toes. He sounds just like Lou Koller from Sick Of It All. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if McAdams has stolen Koller‘s vocal chords from his throat, a la Rambo 4. It sounds like he’s gonna jump out of your speakers at any moment and just start punching your face to a bloody pulp. Whatever his problems are, he’s clearly found a suitable place to channel his anger into.

But holy shit, does it leave a lasting impression. I went from drawing pictures of pelicans with crayons to breaking into an old peoples home and skullfucking half the residents with a iron rod. In fact, I’m writing this from a jail cell right now. If anyone could tell my mum that I’m here, that’d be useful. Go and see Black Breath. You’ll probably be killed, but hey, it’s only a bit of fun. Isn’t it?

Written by Martin Savage